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Business these days have a host of resources that earlier businesses could only have dreamed about...

That's why I become a BBX Ambassador


Lance Scoular from Key Directions

“Being a Global Ambassador as well as a member of BBX makes good business sense. As a member, I trade goods and services with other members internationally using BBX digital payments, conserving cash for my business. As a Global Ambassador, I can introduce the BBX business model to my local and international business connections, via my social media networks, to assist them achieve the same benefits, as well as earning a residual income.”

BBX is a solutions provider that helps businesses manage cash flow and and gain new customers. Established in 1993, we are a B2B Community builder with a focus on the customer experience using digital credits as settlements or trade transactions. BBX acts as a third party record keeper for the trusted digital credit known as the BBX Trade Credit. Its members use the trade credit to settle transactions on the platform.

The Benefits & Rewards Awaits You

Long term commission created by trading activity of the members introduced through the program

Immediate cash commission benefit by signing new members to the trading program

Open up cross-selling
for your own business

BBX wants you as a partner.

BBX is the Oceania’s fastest growing trade exchange / business community and we encourage partnering with existing account holders to refer new business owners to the BBX trading platform.

All account holders can share in the revenue.

This means you get the benefit of trading with more businesses and earn a residual income!

You can earn a 40% commission of our current membership options plans when you introduce a new member to us.

Anyone who refers a new business will receive a percentage of the fees generated by that businesses BBX sales so long as both maintain a BBX account.


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And one of your BBX Consultants will call you to book a demo. We are excited to show you how we can help you earn residual income by introducing BBX to your partner network.



And one of your BBX Consultants will discuss your Ambassador options. Simply Call us on (02) 9499 100 during business hours (Monday through Friday between 9am – 5pm) to speak with us.



Click on the flashing message box in the bottom right corner. Choose your contact time. Choose how you’d like to be contacted by BBX. Schedule a time to discuss when convenient for you.


What Our Members Are Saying…

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BBX has given me the opportunity to spread out my wings. With members living all over the state I have become a specialist in South Australia and not just a few suburbs. The biggest benefit also saving our buyer from a bundle of cold hard cash when they spend in BBX dollars.

Eriks Draiska, Plaza Real Estate
Image 6

BBX provides us with an extremely cost effective way for us to rent out our unsold weeks. We have an incredible range of luxury rental properties in Cyprus, and inevitably, we have a few unsold weeks. Using BBX, we can quickly promote these short notice opportunities to a worldwide network of business owners. Typically generate between £5,000 and £7000 of additional revenue per month thanks to BBX.

Paul Hann, CEO/Founder of Sunshine Luxury Villas
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A couple of years ago I was given the opportunity to join BBX which was for me an opportunity to be able to try and offer more clients properties to purchase! Give BBX an opportunity and see how it can assist them to make more sales in their business. They are very experienced in selling, buying, offer more option for clients, significant challenges in convincing developers in spending trade credits, and saying that ‘overpriced’ using trade balance in her account, find interest free loan to purchase a property.

Roz Ingles, Coast 2 Coast Property

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